COVID-19 Resource Center

Your association has been working closely with national, state, and local partners to navigate guidance and resources for the COVID-19 response. Below are resources, documents, and links that may be useful to your agency. Please remember things change quickly and all treatment guidelines and/or protocols would need to be approved at your local level. 


Pennsylvania Resources

Department of Health

Bureau of EMS

Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council

Bureau of EMS Information Bulletins

PA Chamber of Business and Industry Bringing Back PA page including a regional reopening map (updated frequently)

PA Specific Signature Form (Optional Use) 2020 PWW Model Ambulance Signature Form COVID-19 Version 2.2-CV PENNSYLVANIA.docx

Office of the State Fire Commissioner COVID Grant Application Instructions:  07.21.2020 OSFC COVID19 Grant UPDATED instructions.pdf  and  Office of the State Fire Commission Grant Program

Pennsylvania Legislation

  • HB68 (Act 9 of 2020) Amends unemployment compensation law
  • HB1232 (Act 10 of 2020) Funds for EMS to acquire medical supplies and equipment
  • HB1869 (Act 17 of 2020) BLS Ambulance staffing waiver
  • HB1459 (Act 69 of 2020)  Mental Health Benefits

Action Needed: Contact your state and federal lawmakers

Recorded Webinars/Trainings

Other Resources

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