2020 PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride
September 12-14, 2020

Sponsored and produced by the Pennsylvania EMS Provider Foundation, this 3-day bicycle cycling event is meant to honor and memorialize the lives of Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Service Providers who have died in the line of duty. You can choose to participate in a single day or all three.  Riders are fully supported with snacks, lunch, and support vehicles.  You get to ride at your own pace on the well marked route that begins in Willow Grove at Second Alarmers Rescue Squad and concludes on the steps of our Harrisburg Capital Complex (pending confirmation of availability).

Not a cyclist?  No problem. Register as support and assist the cyclists as they push toward their goal of arriving safely into our State Capital.

Want to make a donation?  No problem.  Make an online donation securely on our event sponsorship page to support the event or a specific cyclist.  The Pennsylvania EMS Provider Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and supports EMS and the people who provide it. Learn more about the foundation here.


To register, please read the acknowledgements and release of liability below, then complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM WITH PAYMENT HERE.


Every rider must agree to the terms and conditions below when they submit a registration form.

I understand that the PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride is both a mentally and physically challenging undertaking. I understand and acknowledge that I bear the sole responsibility for determining my physical and mental preparedness for this undertaking and represent that I have the physical and mental capabilities to participate in this event.

I understand that I am agreeing to partake in this event on my own free will, and do understand and acknowledge that there is a certain risk of injury or death occurring to myself during this event. I fully accept and assume the risk and responsibility for any possible injuries, losses, costs, and/or damages that might occur, and do hereby agree to hold harmless and release from any and all liability the PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride, its Sponsors, Coordinators, affiliates, agents, officers and directors, fellow riders, and the members, owners and/or lessees/lessors of any property and/or premises where the Ride or any Ride-related activities occur (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Ride”).

I further agree and acknowledge that the bicycle I will be using in the Ride is in good working order and that I am familiar with its controls and operation. I agree to abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding the operation of bicycles, including but not limited to observing all posted traffic signs and warnings.

I acknowledge the responsibility to conduct myself at all times, including during riding hours and during after-hours activities and free time, in a manner befitting the emergency medical services profession and the memory of the EMS professionals who are being honored by this event. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Ride for any liability arising in any manner from my conduct or activities during riding hours or during any after-hours activities or free time.

I understand and acknowledge that I am solely responsible to pay any fines, costs or penalties that may be assessed by any law enforcement agency regarding my violation of any laws, regulations, traffic rules or other applicable law.

I acknowledge that I have had an opportunity to fully read this document prior to signing it, and I understand that this contains a legal release of any claims I may have against the PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride and the other parties named in this document.

*If rider is under 18 years of age, the rider’s parent or legal guardian must agree for the rider.


Prices include snacks and lunches on the ride.  Breakfast will be sponsored or included in the price of the hotel.  Dinners will be included for Sunday evening (Stars of Life Dinner) or sponsored.  Information will be provided closer to the event.


Full Ride - $100.00 (three days)
Individual Days: 
  • Sept. 12 only - $40.00
  • Sept. 13 only - $65.00
    (includes PA Stars of Life dinner) 
  • Sept. 14 only - $40.00
  • Sept. 12 and 13 only - $85.00
  • Sept. 13 and 14 only - $85.00
SUPPORT (wing man or wing woman)
  • Full Ride - $60.00
  • Sept. 12 only - $25.00
  • Sept. 13 only - $50.00 
    includes PA stars of life dinner) 
  • Sept. 14 only - $25.00

Optional Jersey Available for Purchase - $75.00

Option: Bib shorts Available for Purchase - $110

  • Men's Cut
  • XS-3XL
  • AeroSTRETCH 4-Way Stretch Tricot Fabric
  • Silicone Leg Grippers
  • Top Shelf Chamois

View the sizing chart here.

Cancellation Policy:  Due to the nature of the event, once you have registered and checked out, there will be no refunds.  Please ensure that you are able to participate in the event on the day(s) you have selected on the registration form.  (Note:  If the state is closed or restrictions are in place that prevent the ride, refunds will be provided.)

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