Founded in 2007, the EMS PA Provider Foundation was created to serve the Pennsylvania emergency medical services community, to ensure public confidence in emergency medical services, to develop the next generation of emergency medical services providers, educate the public of their services and generally to further the cause of Pennsylvania emergency medical services through education, outreach and philanthropy. The Foundation will support the welfare of Pennsylvania emergency medical services providers and will serve other proper functions of a charitable, public foundation as needed. Download the foundation brochure here.

Join the PA EMS Provider Foundation in our Important Work

  • Develop the Next Generation
    Scholarships for Paramedic Training
  • Educate the Public
    Spread Knowledge on the Value of EMS and the Need for Support
  • Support the Welfare of Providers
    Build Healthy Networks While Taking Care of Our Own in the Event of Tragedy


Foundation Donations - To make an online donation of any amount to support the foundation, donate here.

Memorial Bike Ride & Stars of Life Awards Banquet Sponsorship - The Pennsylvania EMS Memorial Bike Ride and Stars of Life Awards Banquet, held each year in early September, are the primary fundraisers for the Foundation.  As a friend of EMS through personal or business relationships, we hope you can help.  Learn more or DONATE ONLINE HERE.

Reasons to support the PA EMS Provider Foundation

  • I want to advance the cause and believe in the mission of the Foundation.
  • The Foundation aligns with my top priorities.
  • I understand how my donation will be used.
  • I know that 100% of my gift benefits the Foundation.
  • I value the role the Foundation plays within the EMS community.
  • I have flexibility in the way I can donate (i.e. timing, amount).
  • The donation process is easy.

The Individual Scholarship Program - The application period is closed.

The Grant: The scholarship/grant will be awarded to EMTs who would like to further their education and become Paramedics. The deadline for grant applications is the close of business on February 10, 2023.

The recipient must have at least three (3) years experience as a certified EMT and been employed (either paid or volunteer) by a PA licensed EMS agency or has been guaranteed an offer of a position with a PA licensed EMS agency following completion of the education program for which the grant was provided.

The amount of the scholarship/grant will be determined by the Foundation Board of Directors and the recommendation of the Application Review Committee.

For more information, please see the application, instructions and general information, links above. You can also contact, Heather Sharar, AAP Executive Director at or 717-512-5609.

Please feel free to share this information with all of your colleagues.

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